Are you ready to be the next recruiting Rockstar in your team or your network marketing company?

Does this sound like your

  • Business is growing at snail pace due to lack of serious team members
  • Stucked at the same rank for so long
  • Old team members are not active and no new one is coming in
  • Never had enough Yes from prospects to scale your business
  • Sick and tired of chasing friends and family
  • Spending money on ads yet no result
  • Our invites don’t show up for your meetings
  • When they show up , they come up with many excuses why they can’t join
  • You are easily through off balance by side comments from friends, family or prospects
  • You are scared of objections because you don’t know the right way to handle them

Introducing the RECRUIT LIKE A PRO bundle that will take you from constant NO to the HECK YES! GET ME STARTED from your prospects.

What people are saying about The Coach Kemisola

This course will HELP YOU

We put together the 3 basic foundation of a success recruiting rockstar namely





The 3 above formed the basis for the course outline we  have created to cover all areas that will move you quickly

What you will get in this EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE

Part 1

📍The Recruit like a PRO BOOK

Value = $10

📍 The Recruit like a PRO 5 part video series

Value = $100

Part 2

  • 📍SMLG via groups
  • 📍SMLG via influencer comment section
  • 📍SMLG via Ads
  • 📍SMLG via stories
  • 📍SMLG via social media profile
Value = $20

Part 3

  • 📍 Prospecting techniques that works
  • 📍 Using your contact list for recruiting
  • 📍 How to invite for exposures
  • 📍 Listing websites for your network marketing business
  • 📍 Recruit 5 or more monthly
  • 📍 Closing questions that converts and actually closes prospects
  • 📍 RLP follow-up system
  • 📍 Recruiting scripts
Value = $70

Part 4: Bonus Course

(TIME SENSITIVE: will go away in few days)
  • 📍 The core of objections
  • 📍 What happens when you leave objections unhandled?
  • 📍 Categories of objects
  • 📍 Objections from psychological point of view
  • 📍 10 common objections and how to handle it.
Value = $50

Total value = $250

Regular price = $100

Today’s Price = $30

What people are saying about The Coach Kemisola

Meet Coach Kemisola

Kemisola is an award-winning network marketing leader that started out as a novice 6 years ago but today has proven over abs over that leadership is about Showing up 95%. She has remained the top earner with her company in the last 6 year having build one of the biggest network marketing team in Africa. She is the founder of NMtransafrica a platform solely for network marketing business training, mentorship and coaching

In her network marketing company she is:

📍  No. 1 Leader In Nigeria
📍  No. 5 In Africa
📍  No. 28 In The Whole World
📍  Multiple 7 Figure Earner
📍  Mercedes Benz CLA 2019 Winner

She has been featured on Networking times USA and has been recognised by the Nigerian Institute of leadership and from the Office of the First Lady for exemplary achievement and accomplishment

The product is valued at $250

I am not joking; your growth and success is my priority. And because I want to see you win, I want to make sure that it gets into the hands of those who need it the most.

You can get access to THE BUNDLE and THE BONUS COURSE for just ₦14,000 or $30!

What! Who does that???

Yes. $30!

I know you might be wondering why I am giving it away just like that at $30

You are like, “Coach Kemisola, what’s the catch?”

Well, We’re doing this because we KNOW that when you have success with your business. We want you to get a starting point. Our coaching starts at $1000 and not everyone can afford it, so we want to make sure that as many people get a good headstart with their network marketing business because when done correctly, it can be a beautiful thriving business but a lot of people don’t know how to do it.

So, YES!

That’s it… We want your work and your life to be so transformational that other people will want to know what you are doing.

This Bundle plus the bonus course is worth $200, so it’s a steal for the amount we are offering it

Take everything for ₦14,000 or $30

If you are here and you are whining, you feel you are not making any progress, you are not getting results, you are not selling and you are not making money, then go ahead and click on the button below to get started.

This Is NOT For Everyone!

If you want to watch the video and just say “Thanks, Kemisola! That was some great training, you inspire me !”

…but never actually do anything with it, that’s entirely up to you.

But chances are, nothing will change in your life or your business … If that’s what you want to do, then this is probably not for you.

But, if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do just a little bit of work for the next 90 days following meticulously the learning from the course…

If you want to be trained and be PULLED  in the right direction…I mean begin to recruit like a rockstar, crush objections like a pro and achieve phenomenal results in your network marketing business, you need to get this NOW!

I crafted a personal development plan for myself focusing on everything that will take me to become recruiting rockstar, I paid hundreds of dollars for courses coaching and training.

Today I have built one of the biggest network marketing team in Africa so let me show you the basic, foundation you need to put in place to recruit like a rockstar. After 6 plus years of experience in building a network marketing team, staying at the top of the company year after year I can teach you something’s about recruiting and take you from novice to the rockstar you wish you were

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, there is!

I guarantee that if you participate, watch all the video lessons and show up daily to implement what you learn, and build a daily routine and stick to it, you will get a result-massive one!

Pretty simple.

This experience will change your finances, your team and make you a rockstar and for some of you, it’ll change your life. Totally!


Once payment has been made, you will receive an invite to begin immediately.

All you need to do is to pay $30 to gain access immediately.